Whitewater Valley  Pro Bono Commission

FREE LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Household income may not exceed 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.

MODEST MEANS PROGRAM:  This is a reduced fee program for citizens of Indiana who have household incomes which do not exceed 175% of the federal poverty guidelines.  Eligible clients pay no more than $50 per attorney hour with a cap on attorney fees of $1,000.

Our organization focuses exclusively on civil matters. We are able to assist with child custody, child support, divorce, foreclosures,  guardianships, land-lord tenant, basic estate documents, and other similar civil cases. We do NOT do expungements or any type of criminal matters. We are not in a position to assist with providing any type of financial support but the Court MAY waive the filing fees associated with a case if the Judge so determines.  We do NOT do anything with criminal expungements or license issues.


WE ONLY HANDLE WAYNE COUNTY MATTERS FOR WAYNE COUNTY CLIENTS. Due to funding changes, we are UNABLE to handle ANY matters outside of Wayne County EXCEPT MORTGAGE FORECLOSURES. We assist residents of Randolph, Union, and Wayne with MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE prevention.

If you would like more information about family law matters or need court forms to file with the court, please go to the Indiana Pro Bono Commission Selfservice website.
An alternative source of assistance is:  www.indianalegalanswers.org
For more information about the Indiana Pro Bono Commission please go to Indiana Pro Bono Commission.
In order to ensure the efficiency of the office and to prevent potential conflicts of interest, we ask that all who are seeking our services submit an application. Our office does not act as a "walk in" clinic nor do we provide answers to questions over the telephone as a "help desk."